Many businesses undertaking marketing to boost their SEO separate their organic SEO efforts from their social media campaigns. This is really a shame because social media marketing should be a key part of a good SEO plan. Even though Google says that social media doesn’t play a key role in SEO ranking, there’s plenty of evidence out there that shows social signals such as shares and likes are indeed related to how a website ranks.

While social media isn’t a ranking factor for Google, it can boost ranking factors that Google uses when determining where a site ends up in search results. For example, a company’s Facebook posts that receive lots of shares results in more visibility for the company’s content. When many people share content on social media, it’s likely that others will link to it and we all know how important links are in SEO.

What You Can Do

If you want to reap the SEO benefits from your social media marketing, you must fine-tune your social presence so that you’re highly visible. Here are some ways you can go about it. Perhaps most importantly, be open to finding out how your social efforts can most positively impact your SEO campaign and avoid the obvious SEO mistakes you are at risk of making.

  • Optimise Your Social Profiles

 Start out by optimising the profiles you have on the various social media channels. Use the same image across all sites for solid brand recognition. Keep all your bios updated, relevant, and interesting. Be sure to link to your website to encourage your followers to visit your site.

  • Post Updates on a Regular Basis

Once your social profiles are optimised, be sure to stay active on all your channels. You must post regularly which varies between sites. For Twitter, several times a day is good but doing the same on Facebook would be a bit much. Remember that nobody wants to see any business flood their feed with info, regardless of how interesting the posts may be, so take it easy and use your common sense.

  • Make Your Posts Irresistible to Share

When creating posts on social media, your goal should be to make them irresistibly shareable. This means you need to use some attention-grabbing headlines. Because Hubspot says that Facebook posts with photos receive over 50% more likes and over 100% more comments than posts without images, you should add some eye-popping photos too.  Don’t be afraid to ask your followers to share your posts as many social media users are responsive to sharing requests.

  • Fine-Tune Your Site’s Content for Sharing

Now it’s time to head over to your website to optimise your content to encourage your visitors to share it. Work at creating quality content that’s interesting and valuable to readers. Be sure to include your best keywords and call to action. If you’re not currently using images in your content, add some relevant high quality photos that encourage people to engage with you.

  • Be Available to Engage

In order to maximise the SEO benefits of your social media efforts, you’ll have to be available to engage with your followers. You should be responsive to questions, comments, reviews, and shares. This will help show your followers that you do indeed care. It will also show the social media algorithms that your content isn’t stagnant, to help improve your social reach. Remember to keep your content updated regularly because social media moves quickly with updates disappearing quickly.

When done correctly, social media and SEO compliment one another. Both are geared toward reaching consumers organically and building strong brand identify by sharing high quality content. Just remember that social media channels must be kept active in order to be effective. Remain engaged and show you’re serious about staying connected with your followers.

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