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Furniture 123 exlusive discout voucher for 7.5% valid till 30/04/2013

Friday 22nd of February 2013

Here's an exclusive discout voucher for 7.5% only available on shop2fundraise valid until end of April 2013


Click here for voucher code.

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4th Barnehurst Scouts win 800 prize from Shop2Fundraise

Monday 2nd of April 2012

Shop2Fundraise 4 Success!


After a few year’s fundraising reached a climax in February 2012, the 4th Barnehurst Scout Group was finally able to purchase a replacement for their ageing minibus.  We received two pieces of good news just days apart – that a vehicle that perfectly suited our needs was on sale at a bargain price, and we had won £800 through the efforts of our members in the Shop2Fundraise scheme.


We are a large Scout Group based in Bexley, with 122 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and 19 adult members, who have built a very good reputation for the quality of activities and outings offered to its members.  Our previous minibus has served us well for over twelve years, but was reaching the end of its life.  Since the extra cost of hiring transport for outings is so high (just one Cub Pack would have to spend over £1000 extra on a year’s outings alone), it was essential we found a replacement quickly, so had to put our fundraising efforts into top gear.


We have always enjoyed taking part in the Christmas Bazaar and selling 100 Club tickets, but we needed something new.  With funds raised in the memory of long-serving Impeesa Troop Leader Steve Lenihan in the bank, we needed to try something new to help reach our goal.  Within the last year, we have recycled old fabrics with Phil The Bag and organised recycling schemes for ink cartridges, CDs and mobile phones.  Then we learned about Shop2Fundraise, where we could shop online and raise money at no extra cost to us.  We also learned about a bonus of £800 offered to the Scout Group with the most fundraising tools downloaded (an easier way of raising money while shopping).  Therefore made a huge push, especially in the last month of the contest, to ensure all of our members did this on every possible computer, and then asked their friends and family to do the same, to accelerate our total to become the highest.


Words cannot describe how ecstatic we were when we learned about the huge reward we had won, even more so when we learned that a parent from the Waingunga Pack had found the perfect minibus days earlier and we were immediately able to replace the borrowed funds.  We are now in a position to offer an even wider range of outings to our ever-growing Group and help our members to experience the most active Scouting in the area.  We’d like to thank our parents for their ongoing efforts, especially Zaza Elsheikh for her Afro-Arab-Caribbean Night and Brian Spurrell for his Quiz Night (both raising roughly £300), Grainne Feeney for assistance in applying to charitable trusts (raising £500) and the Seeonee Cub Pack, who held a Sponsored Silence and raised over £1500 in one evening (shared with the Haiti earthquake appeal).  We are confident that we will continue to receive the support of our members in order to reach our next destination – new toilets and flooring as we refurbish our hall.


jpg - scouts minibus

by Steve Morley (Bagheera),

Cub Scout Leader, Seeonee Pack.

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My Box of Delights Voucher Code Valid until 31/12/2011

Friday 18th of November 2011

10% discount Voucher Code for My box of delights>>>

My box of delights have releases a 10% discount for all orders valid until 31/12/11. 

My box of delights is the perfect place to buy a gift hamper for your friends and family this Christmas.

The box is a great keepsake after all the goodies have been eaten andwith this voucher code it's delivered for a similar price to a bouquet of flowers.

click here to go to voucher code

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Mothers4Children Launches on Shop2Fundraise

Monday 15th of August 2011


jpg - m4c logo



Mothers4Children have just launched on Shop2Fundraise and Shop2Fundraise is really pleased to help raise funds for such a worthwhile cause.  'The partnership between Mothers4Children and Shop2fundraise is exciting, we are really pleased that we can enable M4C to raise money when their supporters shop online.  Mothers everywhere can now shop and know that they are helping children with every purchase and it won't cost them a penny more, this really is Feel Good Shopping'. David Nayar, Founder of Shop2Fundraise.

Mothers4Children doesn't have any overheads (due to its kind sponsors) and all monies raised go directly to helping children. For more information about M4C please follow this link.

Lisa Bilton, the motivated and energetic Celebrity Founder of Mothers4Children said this about the launch 'Mothers4Children is excited to launch this incredible fundraising platform, which will help us change children's lives'.

 To fundraise for M4C for free please use this link.


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The Scouts Association joins shop2fundraise to assist with UK Fundraising

Thursday 14th of April 2011

png - scouts logo

Shop2fundraise is excited to announce that the The Scouts have chosen to partner with shop2fundraise to enable all scouts and their supporters to raise funds for free. 

Natasha Milsted from the Scouting Association stated  'The Scout Association is happy to announce that we have recently joined up with shop2fundraise, to help local groups fundraise while saving their supporters money thanks to the great deals and offers available on the shopping portal. We are excited about using this fundraising portal and the benefit it will provide to local Scouting across the UK.'

One of the main attractions of shop2fundraise is that it offers fundraising that doesn't cost supporters a penny in fact using shop2fundraise's voucher codes, supporters can actually save money! 

Scout groups can activate their accounts now by visiting

Shop2fundraise is simple to use, it's free and enables supporters to raise meaningful sums of money for their chosen cause without spending a penny extra!

For more information about Scout fundraising using shop2fundraise please contact [email protected]


jpg - shop2logo small offers a free fundraising service for charities and other good causes.

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Cost effective fundraising

Thursday 24th of February 2011

jpg - shop2logo small

 offers the most cost effective fundraising solution during these difficult economic times.



Because shop2fundraise is a simple, free to use service that enables your supporters to fundraise for your charity whenever they shop online and it won't cost them or your charity 1 penny extra !


1. You send your supporters an email to introduce shop2fundraise and if possible you put a link on your website.

2. Your supporters visit the shop2fundraise website and select your charity or good cause.

3. They then go to any of the 1000’s of online retailers that can be found on shop2fundraise and shop as normal.

4. As they have visited shop2fundraise first, the retailers pay shop2fundraise a commission and 70% of this commission will be automatically sent to you. (The 30% is used to maintain, manage and grow the site).

It really is that simple, so we look forward to working with you to generating more funds at no cost to you or your supporters.

Click here for more info or click here to see how easy it could be to start fundraising with

 Simply contact us for more information.

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Want an iPad Bargain? - Act quick - Voucher code now at Currys save at least 5%

Tuesday 8th of February 2011

iPad voucher codes at Currys>>>see voucher code


If you want an iPad, there's an increadible deal at Currys - get between 5 and 7% off  iPads and free delivery at currys using these fantastic voucher codes.>>>>currys voucher codes

iPad voucher codes at Currys>>>see voucher code
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Give as you shop - the future of fundraising is already here

Wednesday 2nd of February 2011

The government are convinced that getting supporters to donate at point of sale or when they use an ATM will provide a route for chairties out of this difficult economic period1.

In fact there is already a way of enabling your supporters to give whenever they shop online without it costing them a Penny extra, and what's more online shopping is the fastest growing retail sector.

For instance, did you know that 77% of the UK adult population use the internet? That's 38.3 million people! Even more staggering is that 31 million of these bought goods online in the last 12 months2.

The majority of your supporters are therefore already buying goods online. Shop2fundraise has partnered with 1000’s of the best UK online stores on your behalf and they want to help you raise more money, very simply. Every time your supporters shop at M&S, Sainsbury’s, Amazon Tesco, etc. you earn money! have made it really easy for your supporters to get started - just click here and see how you easy we have made it to get your supporters fundraising for you for free.

Shop2fundraise is a free service, your charity could be up and running in minutes and by sending out emails to your supporters you could be generating extra funds within hours.

If you would like to know more,please click here to see a video of how it works or here for an overview and make sure your charity starts benefiting from the internet revolution adn subliminal giving.

For more informationand please contact us. *Sources: 1 2 &


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A New era for charity fundraising - Turning passive supporters into active fundraisers in 2011.

Monday 24th of January 2011

A New era for charity fundraising - Turning passive supporters into active fundraisers in 2011.

Times are challenging for fundraising, with the economy being squeezed how can you try and increase your income?

Is there anything that you can do now for your charity or good cause?

The answer of course is YES, challenges are always capable of instigating new concepts and ideas and the challenge posed to fundraisers in the coming year is no exception.

What if there was a way of a converting your list of supporters and your email database into an ongoing income stream?

What if you could earn £50 per year from each household who has shown interest in your charity or good cause and what if it didn’t cost your supporters a penny?

Would your charity be interested? is a new UK based fundraising platform, it is completely free, there are no fees or charges for your charity and there are no costs to your supporters.

By registering your charity and encouraging your supporters to download the ‘fundraising gadget’ you could turn your passive supporters into active fundraisers. To find out more go to or contact us.


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New fundraising initiative using shop to fundraise

Tuesday 11th of January 2011

jpg - shop2logo small







The new year will bring with it new challenges, raising money in this economic climate may well require creative and innovative approaches.

With the challenges come new opportunities and offers a fantastic fundraising service that is free for both charity and their supporters.

If you think an easy to use fundraising platform that won't cost your supporters 1 penny extra might help you achieve your fundraising targets then shop to fundraise  ( will be of interest to you, so please read on.

Shop2fundraise has partnered with 1000’s of the best UK online stores on your behalf and they want to help you raise more money, very simply. Every time your supporters shop online at M&S, Sainsbury’s, Amazon Tesco, etc. you earn money!

Click here to see a video reminder of how it works or here for an overview and make sure you are benefiting from the internet revolution.

If you need help, simply contact us

Looking forward to enhancing your charity fundraising during 2011 with shop2fundraise


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