Terms and Conditions

shop2fundraise is not going to hide behind long terms and conditions, we are setting out here:

  1. What we do:-
    • reach agreements with retailers about commission they will pay when you shop with them;
    • provide you with links to those retailers;
    • collect that commission from those retailers;
    • donate 70p of each pound received by us from those retailers to your nominated good cause directly;
    • provide details of the funds raised for your good cause;
    • allow you to end this arrangement at any time with us provided that you let us know, but remember once this arrangement has ended your good cause won’t benefit from your purchases;
    • negotiate and publicise special deals with the retailers.
  2. What we don’t do:
    • get involved with your contracts to buy the goods with the retailers;
    • accept any responsibility for the goods that is all between you and the retailers directly;
    • hand over to your good cause money until it is 100% cleared in our bank account;
    • hand over to your good cause money unless the balance is more than £50;
    • accept responsibility for any retailers’ websites, if you cancel this arrangement with us the arrangement may still be active on the retailers website, it is up to you to cancel it with them;
    • meet with you face to face, so we allow you not just a cooling off period, but you can cancel this arrangement at any time;
    • allow or accept inappropriate content on our notice boards or reviews – this will be removed swiftly.
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