Q: What is shop2fundraise?
A: shop2fundraise is a way of raising money for any good cause.

Q: How does it raise money?
A: By using shop2fundraise anyone can raise money for a good causes - simply by shopping on the internet. This means that you can raise money for your chosen good cause without spending any extra money.

Q: What do I have to do?
A: Whenever you wish to buy something or get a quote come to www.shop2fundraise.co.uk and check which retailers have agreed to deal with shop2fundraise and try and buy from them. You do not have to fill in lots of information; simply select which good cause you want to benefit and then click-through directly to your chosen retailer.

Q: Will it cost me anymore?
A: Everything is at the same price as you would pay by going directly to these or other retailers and sometimes special offers will make the items even cheaper.

Q: How will using shop2fundraise raise money for my good cause?
A: Simply select which good cause you wish to get the donation and then use our 'click - through' service to take you straight to the retailer. You deal directly with the retailer, (they in turn send the commission to shop2fundraise to donate to the place you selected). Because shop2fundraise acts as 'marketplace' for the normal retailers that you might use, every time you use www.shop2fundraise.co.uk as the starting point to do your shopping a percentage of the sale will go to the good cause.

Q: How much money will this raise?
A: The money donated to your good cause differs for each retailer; also some retailers pay a higher percentage if more sales come through shop2fundraise. As your purchases will be pooled together with everyone else using shop2fundraise in the UK the percentages could become high. The average donation is 5.9%, but this goes much higher for some products see the actual commission that your good cause will earn from each retailer.

Remember that you can purchase things like pet food, CDs or books right up to family holidays. Some insurance companies will even pay a cash amount just for providing a quote!

Q: Do I need to sign up or register?
A: You do not provide any personal details to us, you simply select which good cause you wish to receive the money when you purchase and then go onto the internet shop through our click-through service. shop2fundraise does the rest.

Q: Does the good cause need to sign up or register?
A: They do not need to sign up or register. There is no fee or subscription required by the good cause. However, the more people that know the good cause is raising money through shop2fundraise – the more money your good cause will earn.

Money Raised

Please Note: Earnings shown are the combined earnings from shop2 fundraise.co.uk and eduPayment.co.uk; both systems offer the same donations and functionality and share the same database.

Q: Can I see how much money has been raised?
A: The good cause can if they wish create an Admin account - this will give them access to see how much they have earned. If you are a good cause and wish to create an admin account click here -please note an official good cause email address is required.

Q: When will my good cause get the money?
A: The payment is made quarterly and 60 days in arrears. (The 60 days in arrears period allows the account to be balanced if people return goods or cancel orders.) The minimum amount that will be paid is £50.00, any amounts less will be left to accrue. Payments are made by cheque and sent in the name of the charity to the address held on our records.

Q: Did my purchases track and earn money for my chosen charity, good cause, or good cause?
A: The commission may take upto a few weeks to be awarded, however you often see the earnings for your good cause increase sooner. If you think that the commission has not been recorded please check the following:-

  • Cookies are enabled on your web browser (set to remember history on Firefox)
  • All purchases should start from this web site if you already have products in your basket before you use shop2fundraise it is unlikely that your purchases will earn any donations.
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