About Shop2Fundraise.co.uk

Shop2fundraise raises money for your good cause through our fundraising marketplace.

How it works?

All our retailers have agreed to pay commission for purchases generated through our website we then pass on this commission to your selected good cause.

Easy to use

We have designed shop2fundraise to be as easy as possible for people to use. There is no need to sign up to use our service, just enter the good cause you would like to receive your commission and we remember this for your next visit.

Special offers

You don't pay any more for your goods, in fact we do our best to save you money. Whenever our retailers have special offers for you to take advantage of we notify you!

Just tell people

The more people using shop2fundraise.co.uk to raise money for your good cause, the more money they will earn. Visit our Promotional tools section to see how you can get the word out or just click on the name of your good cause at the top of the screen and scroll down .

Popular Retailers

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